GitLab, the Simplest Online Code Management Tool

GitLab is a free web-based DevOps Lifecycle tool which offers a fully featured Git-web repository manager, offering both workflow management along with CI/CD/integration testing, using an open source license, developed by GitLab Inc., a Boston, Massachusetts based company. The software has been designed by Ukrainian developers Mitriy Zaporozhen and Valery Sizov. Gitlab uses the HPA Integration Platform (Hindi/Urdu language) for managing the repository content. Gitlab uses a familiar model of an organization’s culture to facilitate the coordination between team members, managers and developers, all of whom work together in a common workspace. Gitlab also integrates with other tools like Appier, Basecamp and Buffer to save organization overhead and to make the process of content management more streamlined.

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With GitLab, each team can maintain its own branch, while merging pull requests from other teams. This works well for long-term collaborative effort where every team member is committed to the code quality, while collaborating on changes with others. For example, if there is no bug reporter, the bug-fixes can be performed individually. This feature has made the tool very useful for content and feature development teams, with very few cases where feature branches are needed to implement fixes.

Apart from its very easy to use user interface, the GitLab product line includes the following tools: A simple web browser, an editor, a notepad, a build tool and a remote repository management tool. It also includes a number of add-ons, including an IP changer for teams that might have to change their IT infrastructure, a tracker, a ticketing system, and a build dashboard. Gitlab comes with its own platform-independent repository manager. This means that developers can manage their repository independently from any third-party services.