Oak Ridge Boys’ Sterban Reveals Pivotal Moment in Band’s Career, Talks Upcoming Set List For Keene Concert

Winners of countless awards, including five Grammys, these Country Music Hall of Famers have been singing harmony for decades. Country legends The Oak Ridge Boys perform at the Colonial Theater in Keene, Friday, March 8.

Oak Ridge Boys bass singer, Richard Sterban recently spoke to Andy Mack, host of Country Legends Sunday on 93.3 The Wolf, about his journey from gospel, to backing up Elvis, to the day he joined The Oak Ridge Boys.

Mack’s entire interview with Sterban can be heard here.

In Part One, Sterban talks about making the decision to join the group, the incredible support the ‘Boys received from Johnny Cash (at 3:53) and the pivotal moment in their career (at 7:51).

In Part Two, you can hear about some of the great collaborations the Oak Ridge Boys have had over the years, including their more recent work with Blake Shelton. Sterban also chats about his book, and offers a little preview of Friday’s night’s set list at the Colonial.

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